Monday, November 2, 2009

COETAIL Course 3, Reflection 6

I found the Kevin Kelly post about screen literacy fascinating and little optimistic.

With full-blown visuality, I should be able to annotate any object, frame or scene in a motion picture with any other object, frame or motion-picture clip. I should be able to search the visual index of a film, or peruse a visual table of contents, or scan a visual abstract of its full length. But how do you do all these things? How can we browse a film the way we browse a book?

While I have no doubt that many minds much smarter than my own are hard at work trying to make this possible, I think it is a very sticky computational problem. The sheer mass of video that is being produced is staggering. The power necessary to sift through all those images and videos will be enormous. I wonder when the web will overtake transportation in terms of energy consumption? Has it already?

While I am not holding my breath, I certainly would love to have access to the web this way. This way I wouldn’t get images of this…

confused with images of this:

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