Saturday, October 31, 2009

COETAIL Course 3, Reflection 5

Presenting Naked

Garr Reynolds is spot on with is post about Presenting Naked. He described a quality which good presenters and good presentations have that I have enjoyed but never really thought about consciously before. For me it all boils down to comfortability with the audience. Obviously, it is no good if you are visibly uncomfortable with your audience, but there are different ways to be comfortable. Being ‘distant’ & ‘professional’ with your audience is one way to be comfortable, but it is not as likely to let you make a lasting impression on your audience. The most effective way is to speak to them is politely, but frankly, as you would speak to a friend while acquaintances and strangers are also listening.

I expect the ability of this method of presenting deliver the presenters message effectively is related to our gut reactions to trust. It is frequently pointed out that we value the opinions of our friend’s over the opinions of experts who are unfamiliar to us.

After reading presenting naked, I was reminded of a recent TED talk by Beau Lotto that exemplified this presenting naked perfectly. If you have an interest in perception and what research about perception shows about the way we build our conception of the world, it is a great talk and not at all off topic for a visual literacy course.

Beau Lotto presenting at TED

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